Chilham on Silver Screen

Chilham has served numerous times as a backdrop to the film industry.

Below you may see some backstage images from Chilham’s ‘career’.

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Filming Jane Austen’s Emma in Chilham, April, 2009. The series stars Romola Garai, Johnny Lee Miller, Michael Gambon, Tamsin Greig, Robert Bathurst and Jodhi may. It was broadcasted on BBC One in the Autumn of 2010


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L- R
Geraldine McEwan and James D’Arcy as Miss Marple and Jerry Burton © ITV
Director: Tom Shankland: ITV.  Filming of Miss Marple with
Kelly Brook and Harry Enfield © ITV  Director: Tom Shankland: ITV.  David Suchet as Hercule Poirot in a Snowy Chilham © ITV   Hercule Poirot’s Christmas – 1995  Director: Edward Bennett: LWT.

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A Canterbury Tale (1944) Powell and Pressburger, Rank.

 LEFT: On the Julliberrie Downs overlooking Chilham  Thomas Colpeper, JP    (Eric Portman)  and Alison Smith, a Women’s Land Arm girl (Sheila Sim) play  the memorable ‘scene in the long grass.’

LOCATIONS CHILHAM: Chilham Mill, Chilham Chilham Square, Chilham  Chilmans Downs, Canterbury  Julliberrie Downs,  Chilham ‘Old Wye Lane’  Chilham, [on which Heron Manor & Monckton Cottages are situated] School Hill, Chilham.


jane-austenJane Austen

1775-1817, author, was a frequent visitor to Godmersham Park and Mansion between 1794 and 1813 and possibly based Persuasion and Mansfield Park on her experiences of local Kentish society.

She also dined at Chilham Castle several  times when it was owned by the Wildman family. She writes about travelling from Godmersham to Chilham in her letters; it is highly likely that she passed Monckton Cottages many times en route. Read more here and here.

Christopher MarloweChristopher Marlowe

1564-1593, playwright and poet, was born and brought up in Canterbury  and used to walk along the River Stour near Godmersham. He  probably knew  Heron Manor and Monckton cottages (c 1470) well: then they were one building, an imposing Kentish Hall House.